Belly Dancer Doll

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Hand knitted and highly embellished and detailed Belly Dancer doll. She features Harem pants, bodice, cap with veil, jewelry and lots of gold trim with braids and beadwork.
Whoever said knitted dolls couldn’t be drop-dead gorgeous?

She wears:
Her head-dress is a knitted cap, complete with gold braid trim, beadwork all around the cap and the veil (heat sealed organza). Note: the cap is permanently attached to her head, but the veil can be lifted back over her cap if desired.
Her sleeved bodice is knitted in a blue metallic crochet thread and is again decorated with braid and beadwork.
Her Harem pants are knitted in the metallic yarn and also double knit wool, with the waist highly decorated and beaded.
And she wears dancing slippers to complete and finished with gold braid.
She stands around 39cm tall with a spine support and wired limbs to assist with posing. She is shelf or desk sized, where she can sit and watch the world.
Please note: this doll is unsuitable for young children and is a piece intended for teenagers and above.
Weight: 250gms
Height: 39cm tall

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