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Chandrakansa Indian Musical Raga creates soothing , loving atmosphere can be sung at all times.

You don’t need to be a fan of Indian Classical Music to enjoy this beautiful colourful and vibrant painting which imitates the feeling of love and happiness !

Aparna Choughule is an artist who has done her PhD in Indian Classical Music and Masters in Fine Arts, so through her Musical Painting series she has personified each style of raga and captured their moods in beautiful vibrant paintings!

These paintings are available in Canvas Prints as well as Original Framed Artworks.

Small Size 16″ X 31″

Medium Size 26″ x 51″

Large Size 31″ X 61″

Original Artwork 21″ x 41″

Shipping is Free Across India. For International Shipping , please ask for a quotation prior to placing your orders.



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