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London Frenzy : London Snow Black and White Necklace

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 This version of our popular London Frenzy collection emphasises the fabulous contrast between the colours of London Life and the tranquil softness of winter snow in London. The delicacy and softness of the tones in this frenzy show how the sharp edges of the architecture in London soften under a coating of snow. It is a beautiful representation of London in her winter coat of snow.

The necklace features a central core of bunched together beads to reflect the frenzy of London Life. The beads have been grouped onto headpins with an average of 4 or 5 beads per headpin. Then the headpins have been turned into eyepins and carefully threaded onto tigertail. Approximately 200 headpins were made and used. The pins were then linked to a strand of black beads and necklace has been secured with a gold flower shaped toggle.

Although the necklace looks heavy it is very comfortable to wear and weighs in at only 300gms.

Length of Necklace = 26 inches / 66cms

This necklace would look stunning on any coloured outfit. The simplicity of the black and white team with the subtle colours in the feature beads in the necklace will pick out any colour you would wear and team beautifully. .

This is the kind of necklace that would jazz up the black office outfit or make the little black dress pop.

Super comfortable to wear and guaranteed to get comments and compliments from those around you.

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