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Napaykuy colors and patterns bring strenght and balance with a twist of fascination to your eyes, it will remind you to be grateful and enjoy the present while being open to what is to come for you.

One of a kind South American handmade piece.

Materials:Sheep wool dyed with natural herbs and minerals.
Dimensions: Length 43cm. Width 43cm.
Includes 2 Cushion covers

Producing each piece takes two to five months (homeware textiles),
depending on the size and complexity of the work. It all begins with sheep and llamas, whose wool is shorn, washed and then twirled by hand into thread.
The wool is then dyed in large vats, using local herbs and minerals to create its stunningly distinctive colours.
Finally, the wool is woven on looms to create the individual personality of each artwork.

By purchasing a piece you help support Peruvian local communities & their weaving legacy traditions.

We support HOOP organisation in Peru. (

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