Queen Jelena Necklace

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A Luxurious Handmade Statement Necklace

This necklace is named “Queen Jelena”, inspired by a Croatian queen Jelena, who was a queen consort in Croatia a little over a thousand years ago!

This is a replica of Samobor’s Kraluš – a necklace designed, made and worn by women in Croatia over a hundered years ago! So, now you know about the history of this luxurious jewelry piece.

But, did you know it takes a skillful woman up to 60 hours to hand craft this necklace?

That’s because this exquisite piece of jewelry is made out of:
– 5874 tiny fragile glass beads,
– 210 pearls aligned on
-12 nylon strings, each about 6,5 feet long.

As the highest quality glass beads and pearls are aligned on those strings, simultaneously, strings are interwoven in a unique way, unlike with any other traditional European beaded necklace.

This necklace, as all Craalloosh necklace, comes in a tailor made cushion-like package designed especially for safekeeping your necklace in a perfect condition for years to come.
The packaging is inspired by traditional way of safekeeping this jewelry (between layers of linen), and is also made by a Croatian woman, a very skilled and talented seamstress.

When you buy “Queen Jelena” necklace you’re supporting our mission to promote Craaloosh as a world known Croatian jewelry brand, and to create jobs for women who craft this genuinely unique jewelry piece.
Thank you!


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