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The Genesis Lamp

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• Our very own Nature Glow™ dimmer. Designed to reflect natural illumination patterns that you would find in nature, like a sunrise or something catching flame.
• Inbuilt intuitive functionality that gives you the option to delay the lamps power down phase by 40 seconds with a simple gesture. This allows you to casually go about leaving the room before the lamp gently fades out. No more fumbling around in the dark on your way to the bedroom!
• Designed to run durable, energy efficient LED globes (included). Each LED is rated run approximately 50,000 hours, to the average consumer this means a comfortable 10 years of use.

Click the link below to see our Nature Glow™ dimmer in action!
Source: http://www.ignisinception.com/nature-glow-functionality-preview/

• A rescued vintage power line insulator acting as a stunning lampshade.
• Salvaged leather bound lamp stem grip and leather padded, suede feet to prevent slipping and scuffing.
• The lamp runs of Extra Low Voltage 12V plug-pack highlighted with a decorative fabric sheath covering power lead. This enhancement created from reclaimed climbing ropes to give a powerful vintage appearance.

• The body is forged from strong pipe fitting (galvanised steel and brass). All restored to a high polish and sealed with a professional grade microcrystalline wax.
• Handmade from 100% locally sourced materials.

Head on over to our video blog and check out the build videos – http://www.ignisinception.com/video-blog/
• Each lamp can come with its own short personalised build video so you can see your heirloom transform from pieces of scrap to a work of art.
• I will also stamp your own personal hallmark into the lamp. A combination of up to 4 letters and numbers.
• Every build is accompanied by a certified letter of authenticity.
PRICE BREAKDOWN ~Because I believe in transparency~ Labour ≈ $350 total (including overheads etc.) Time ≈ 10 hours of labour in total (+ time to compile build video) Materials ≈ $135 (average) Markup % ≈ 150% ∴ Net income before tax and overheads ≈ $44.5 / hour Other Specifications: • Dimensions (cm) ~ 22 x 22 x 30 • Weight (kg) ~ 6

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