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  1. We started home studio Jan1st this year in Daylesford Victoria. We are ready to up grade ourselves and want to sell online. We know we need better images of products and have organized professional photo shoot next week. We need to upgrade website too and create online shop. How can The art and craft gallery help us ? We are ready for the next step. Thanks Debra our phone number 0428654549.

    • Hi Debra,
      Lovely to see your creative venture growing and getting ready to be online. Our online gallery would love to showcase your creations online for you without asking you to learn website technology and without charging you any selling commission.

      if you are interested to become our Lifetime Member with one time registration and lifelong online presence built and maintained by us, then complete the registration form here.

  2. Hello
    I am in Brisbane .
    For many years now I have made a range of unique wrist ware totaly hand made.
    I am now looking at having a presence on the net.
    If you send me a mail I will able to send you pictures.
    Best regards.

  3. Hi
    I make handmade Iranian carpets in different materials such as silk.
    I want to sell my carpets from your website.
    I can get a visa card or PayPal from another banks out of Iran with bank account.
    My only question is this:
    If I manage to sell my carpets from your product to a costumer, how should I deliver that? Of course I can individually DHL the carpet, but generally how will delivering the product works in your website? Considering the fact that I live in Tehran.

    • Hello Vahid Andarz,

      Thankyou for taking interest in joining our gallery.
      Shipping of product is done by the individual artists from their location.
      We are ready to help you and guide you with regards to shipping and custom policies when we get an order for you on our website.
      Please complete our lifetime membership form to become our creative community member and showcase your beautiful rugs online.

      Thank you

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