Artist : Suresh Joshi

Rustic’ Original Oil Painting

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Rustic’ original oil painting is created on Metal background making it an unique collective piece by Local Australian Artist in Melbourne.
Artist has created a series of artwork showcasing the effects of colours on viewers feelings and mood. This painting with beautiful combination of brown, maroons, and red creates a very rustic vintage feel.
This style of Metal Painting is an unique process created by Suresh using white base which is baked before being painted with oil paints creating various patterns to evoke various emotions from the viewer. The painting is coated with varnish to make it last for many years and doesn’t need a glass frame! These paintings can only be done in Summer time and each painting takes about 2 weeks for the artist to produce.
These artworks are unique and non replicable, making them a perfect collection piece! Each painting is handsigned by the artist.
Artwork can be collected from Artist’s Studio in Melbourne Directly. SAVES YOU SHIPPING $$$$

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These Paintings can be picked up from artist's studio in Melbourne. Shipping can be organised upon request. Ask a Question in the next tab !

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