Viking Knit Necklace

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We just love the Rainbow coloured effect achieved by anodising Niobium metal wire by our artists from Creativity Beads. Proudly Made in Melbourne.
Niobium Viking knit weave is 18 inches long with a snowflake pendant. The snowflake pendant is made of Niobium with glass beads. The necklace and pendant have been anodised.The snowflake pendant is made of anodised Niobium jumprings.

Anodising is done with electricity. Each colour presents a voltage. Anodizing produces a transparent oxide film on the surface that generates interference colours. It can be applied to an entire piece and then buffed to remove the high areas. Niobium oxides are chemically stable and will not change over time. This type of anodising can only be done to Niobium and Titanium.
Niobium is hypoallergenic material that is great to use in jewellery designs because it is safe for anyone to wear, especially those with the most sensitive to metal allergies.

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